Sanaheh Zoghopour

Dbp5- VC Mutagenesis Screen to Identify the Nab2 Interface

In eukaryotes such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae or budding yeast DNA is transcribed to mRNA (messenger RNA) in the nucleus. This mRNA then travels to the cytoplasm for translation with the help of RNA binding proteins such as Mex67, Nab2, and Mtr2. These RNA binding proteins are removed by a protein called, Dbp5 thus making mRNA export occur in one direction. However, Dbp5 is selective and only removes some RNA binding proteins whereas other RBPs stay in the cytoplasm. We hypothesize that Dbp5 binds to a specific binding protein, for its for its removal from RNA. In order to test this hypothesis, I performed a screen to identify the Dbp5- Nab2 interface. Split Venus which is like a puzzle piece in that it contains both Dbp5- VN and Nab2- VC that causes lethality if both are expressed in cells. I screened for mutants of Dbp5- VC that allow viability in combination with Nab2- VN. From this work, I uncovered many independent viable clones, which will be further screened and sequenced in the future. Thus, we hope this work will uncover the mechanisms of Dbp5 selectivity.

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