Kimberly Amaya Hernandez

Analysis of Laminar Flow and Reynolds’s Number in Foil Embossed Microfluidic Devices

Microfluidic devices are channel networks that use a small volume of fluids which will flow through pressure gradients. These devices have gained scientific interest for numerous applications due to their minimal reagent use which allow researchers to control the microenvironment. The majority of research conducted within the field of microfluidics consists of expensive and extensive methodology, thus limiting exposure to the scientific population and potential advancements within the field. The foil-embossed method provides a cheaper and more simplistic process to develop microfluidic devices. In this study, we prove that this method can demonstrate laminar flow through diffusion and color separation. The Reynolds number was also analyzed through its flow velocity, liquid viscosity and density, and channel diameter to show a required low number laminar flow.

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